US 2022/0023875 A1

Gypsum washer

(22) 22.07.2020

(43) 27.01.2022

(57) A gypsum washer includes a rotating trommel receiving raw material and a flow of water, and having paddles tilted to reduce impacts of the gypsum passing through the trommel while still providing a washing action. Bentonite separates from the gypsum in the trommel, liquifies, and is released through a mesh screen at the end of the trommel separating from the gypsum. The gypsum is released from the trommel into a water fed trough, scooped from the trough, and released into a storage area. The liquified bentonite is carried by a water flow into one or more settlement tanks, and recovered for use.

(71) Randy Wright, Victorville, CA (US)


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