Hand care plan available with a few clicks

No matter whether it is cement, fresh concrete, fresh mortar or resins and glues, the skin of employees in the construction materials and binders industry is in constant contact with harmful substances. Due to the numerous hazards, it is not surprising that skin diseases rank regularly among the most common occupational diseases.

Therefore, a professional skin care system is very important. According to the three-pillar model, such a system includes the following measures:

skin protection products used before and during work

skin cleansers according to the dirt level

skin care products after work adapted to the skin condition

Within the framework of a professional skin care system, all products must be coordinated with each other as well as with the conditions and hazards at the respective workplace. An important tool is the hand care plan. It is clearly visible to employees and indicates which products should be used for which jobs. In the past, hand care plans had to be prepared by the manufacturers in a very complex and coordination-intensive process, in which a lot of valuable time was wasted.

Thanks to PGP’s new hand care plan configurator (which is available at, hand care plans can now be easily generated on the internet. The tool enables the user to create individual hand care plans quickly and easily with just a few clicks. It is based on a database that is always up to date. It primarily addresses those responsible for skin care at companies, occupational physicians and safety engineers and offers many advantages to the users.

The tool does a lot of work for those responsible in the companies. If, however, questions arise during the configuration regarding the correct skin care, the PGP experts provide targeted and detailed advice. Especially helpful are the sample hand care plans, which are stored for industries with particularly high skin exposures and which make work easier for the user, as well as an automatic translation into the most important foreign languages in order to prevent misuse.


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