HeidelbergCement significantly increased results in second quarter of 2016

In the second quarter, sales volumes increased in all business lines. The positive market environment, particularly in Europe, the USA, and Australia, made a significant contribution to this growth.

The group’s cement and clinker sales volumes rose by 1.6 % to 22.3 million t (previous year: 21.9) in the second quarter. The strongest increase was achieved in the Northern and Eastern Europe-Central Asia Group area, followed by Western and Southern Europe. Northern Europe recorded double-digit growth in sales volumes on account of the sustained high level of construction activity in Sweden and a better than expected development in Norway. Cement sales in Eastern Europe rose almost everywhere. In Western and Southern Europe, cement sales volumes increased in Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom, in some cases significantly. In contrast, cement sales volumes fell in the Asia-Pacific Group area due to the delayed start to infrastructural projects in the core markets in Indonesia.

Deliveries of aggregates increased by 2.9 % (adjusted for consolidation effects 1.2 %) to 69.1 million t (previous year: 67.1). Higher sales volumes, particularly in Australia, the USA, and Germany, contributed to this development.

In the first half of 2016, cement and clinker sales volumes rose by 2.9 % to 39.9 million t (previous year: 38.8). ­Deliveries of aggregates climbed by 4.4 % to 118.4 million t (previous year: 113.4) and deliveries of ready-mixed concrete rose by 2.9 % to 17.9 million m³ (previous year: 17.4).

Group revenue remained virtually stable in the second quarter of 2016 at € 3575 million (previous year: 3635). Excluding consolidation and exchange rate effects, it increased by 0.6 %. This primarily reflects the pleasing development of sales volumes in all business lines. Changes to the scope of consolidation had a positive impact of € 72 million on revenue. In contrast, exchange rate effects reduced revenue by €151 million.

In view of the overall positive development of demand and the commissioning of new capacities, HeidelbergCement anticipates an increase in sales volumes of the core products cement, aggregates, and ready-mixed concrete for 2016.

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