US 2017/0184509 A1

Identification of material type and condition in a dry bulk ­material storage bin

(22) 28.10.2014

(43) 29.06.2017

(57) A method includes optically interacting a bulk material or powder stored in a storage bin with an integrated computational element („ICE“) configured to modify an electromagnetic radiation according to a characteristic of the bulk material or powder. The method also includes detecting the modified electromagnetic radiation with a detector, and producing an output signal correlated to a value for the characteristic of the bulk material or powder, and receiving and processing the output signal with a signal processor to yield a value for the characteristic of the bulk material or powder. Also, the method includes transmitting a message flagging the storage bin when it is determined that the bulk material or powder is not suitable for continued storage. The bulk material or powder includes a dry cement or a dry cement component.

(71) Halliburton Energy Services, Inc., Houston, TX (US)


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