Only one system from tendering to maintenance

The Aucotec AG has presented its database-driven platform Engineering Base (EB) at ­POWTECH 2013. From the tendering process to the app for mobile maintenance, the system enables virtually barrier-free networking of all engineering disciplines and locations involved in plant design and operation.

With EB, the firm inviting the bids generates a tender project in EB from the flow diagram with the press of a button. Tenderers can read that project into their own EB database, where they populate the data model with their offers. At the end of the process, the “Tendering Manager” displays within minutes the automatically processed differences that would otherwise take weeks of work in sifting, sorting and assessment, all without switching between formats and tools. This solution has already demonstrated that it saves weeks of work in the cement industry.

Plants, centralised installations or equipment can thus be structured with EB to any hierarchical depth, even before detailed graphical displays have been created. Furthermore, one can work on the objects in a purely tabular manner, which is an important plus for mass data handling. All devices, cables and I/Os of the control system or the PLC are assigned automatically by means of the plant structure.

A neutral communications platform also connects EB’s 2D engineering with all current 3D systems for modelling tasks on process engineering plants. Thus all those involved in the development process of a plant work directly with the information of other disciplines.

EB completes its offer with an app for maintenance tasks. This greatly increases the flexibility of service staff because wherever a user is located, a mobile device can be used to directly call up the current status of a plant, the next scheduled maintenance for a device, an assembly guide or details of a cable connection and its destination from the EB database. Maintenance tasks can be created or edited.


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