Power storage for the industry

Pacadu-controlled power storage devices by ASD Automatic Storage Device GmbH are especially well suited for service in industrial environments, because they can be designed to meet any and all requirements. They are retro-scalable, too, meaning that these systems can be scaled up or down at will while in operation. That is particularly important when additional machinery is needed and the power storage device has to be enlarged accordingly.

Most conventional power stores only allow even foreseeable or planned alterations within a limited span of time after commissioning. With Pacadu technology, though, new needs exceeding the initial performance and/or capacity of the original power store can be sustainably implemented anytime. This big difference is attributable to ASD’s proprietary Pacadu storage controller, which puts the cells in parallel, hence yielding high degrees of freedom for choosing and arranging the batteries. In addition, weak and defective cells can be replaced at will with the system in operation.

Avoiding malfunctions and downtime

Industrial plants equipped with a good power storage device enjoy multiple benefits from being able to supply their own electricity for a certain length of time. As soon as a power storage device is able to prevent the outage of a production-critical machine only once, it is likely to have been worth its price already. Major damage and time-consuming cleanups can also be avoided with the help of a power storage device. The effect is much like that of a so-called UPS, i.e., an uninterruptable power supply of the kind used in numerous IT systems.

Supply security

As time passes, a power storage device serving as a kind of backup system can become increasingly indispensable, e.g., for rapidly and readily satisfying a temporary increase in demand. In addition to maintaining system availability, it also enables peak shaving, i.e., the avoidance of peak loads. The better the generation and consumption of energy can be reconciled, the more potential there is for cutting the cost of energy.


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