WO 2019/161474 A1

Tertiary air valve applied to a cement production line

(22) 25.02.2019

(43) 29.08.2019

(57) The present invention is related to a tertiary air valve, for a rotary kiln (81) of a cement production line, comprising a cooling chamber (1). In this scenario, the present invention provides a tertiary air valve, applied to a cement production line, comprising a cooling chamber (1) with a refractory lining (2), wherein the cooling chamber (1) comprises a cooling gas inlet opening (5) and a cooling gas outlet opening (6).

(71) Saint-Gobain do Brasil Produtos Industriais e para Construção Ltda.; Av. Santa Marina, 482, 1° Andar, Água Branca, 05036903 São Paulo, SP (BR)


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