The new HS-D central vacuum cleaner

The new HS-D central vacuum cleaner from Hellmich GmbH & Co. KG is ­suitable for numerous branches of industry in which large quantities of dust are generated in production. With its high suction performance, the central vacuum cleaner easily extracts a wide range of materials and enables the fast and low-cost cleaning of soiled working areas, machinery, production equipment or difficult-to-reach places.

Once the cleaner has been installed, the time required for cleaning and accordingly the in-plant maintenance costs can be reduced substantially. With regard to design, the HS-D model is not comparable with portable industrial vacuum cleaners, as it is permanently installed at a central point and connected with a system of pipes. The pipes have a nominal diameter and can be routed within a radius of 250 m. Suction connections are installed wherever needed, although only two extraction points can be operated simultaneously. Depending on requirements, different nozzles can be connected to guarantee optimum cleaning.

The dust is collected centrally at the installation point of the cleaner. Two different systems are available. With the tipping bucket variation, the dust is collected in a bucket and taken by a forklift for disposal. In the version without a bucket, the dust is transported, for example, directly on a belt conveyor or with a pneumatic conveying system.

In a number of branches, the collected dust can be recycled back into the production process or material stream.



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