RU2690553 (C1)

Thermal unit for combined production of cement clinker, sulfur dioxide, heat and electric power

(22) 29.06.2018

(43) 04.06.2019

(57) Field: heating equipment. Substance: invention relates to a thermal unit for production of construction materials, in particular, cement clinker, and wasteless production of heat and electric energy. Thermal unit includes a steam power boiler operating on solid fuel of combustible industrial and domestic wastes, connected by a gas duct to a source of heat energy in the form of a furnace or separate furnace, at that, in order to increase the thermal unit operation efficiency, the heat energy source is made in the form of a smelting furnace of the straight-flow-vortex melting chamber type to obtain a fused cement clinker connected to the boiler by a water-cooled gas duct and equipped with a prechamber for intensive fuel combustion, which is connected by a leak channel with a cyclone precipitator calcium oxide, which in turn is connected to the fluidizing layer by the gas duct, and the latter by the outlet channel is connected to the direct-flow counter shaft pit heater of fine-dispersed wastes of phosphoric or boric acid production in the form of phosphorus or boron gas, connected by the gas duct to the fine-grinding milling mill with simultaneous drying, desulfurizer is connected via gas ducts via precipitation cyclone with shaft heater and further through it to mill, and desulfurizer has channel for input of high-sulfur oil coke. Effect: higher efficiency of operation of thermal unit, higher efficiency of heat and electric energy and maximum use of wastes of chemical production and production of fuel resources with almost complete waste-free operation with increase in range of products.

(71) Federalnoe gosudarstvennoe byudzhetnoe obrazovatelnoe uchrezhdenie vysshego obrazovaniya ufimskij go (RU)


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