New version of GB16780 brings challenge and
opportunity for Chinese cement industry

GB 16780 named “The Norm of Energy Consumption per Unit Product of Cement” is a standard as a guideline for energy consumption, fuel consumption and electricity consumption per unit clinker or cement in China. It proposes the limit data, the level and the calculation method for each consumption. Based on the situation of the implementation of GB 16780-2012, it had been revised from GB 16780-2012 to GB 16780-2021. As a mandatory national standard, it has been published in China by the State Administration for Market Regulation (National Standardization Administration), and will be followed by all Chinese cement plants after November 2022. It provides a guideline for cement plants to improve energy efficiency by new equipment or by using more alternative fuels. The technical indicators are required to be increased by about 5% to 7%. It is also a tool enabling the government to control coal and power consumption via the limit of the standard as well as being beneficial for carbon reduction.

1 Introduction

China is the world’s largest cement producer and consumer. In 2021, China produced a total of 1.54 billion t of cement clinker, 2.363 billion t of cement, while consuming 2.38 billion t of cement, and 1.57 billion t of clinker, including 27.72 billion t of imported clinker, accounting for more than half of the world’s production and consumption [1]. There are about 1600 cement clinker lines in China. From the perspective of carbon emissions, in 2020, China‘s cement industry emitted 1.37 billion t of CO2. According to different studies, the cement industry accounted for 13% of the...

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