Cause analysis and solutions for ESP corrosion

Kiln back-end electrostatic precipitator (ESP) of an Egypt cement plant experienced severe corrosion within one year of operation. Based on the chemical composition of samples, calculation of the acid dew point and XRD analysis of rust powder, ESP corrosion reasons were found, including the high chloride content in raw meal, high water vapor content, the severe air leaking. Solutions were proposed.

1 Introduction

A cement plant, one of EPC projects by Tianjin Cement Industry Design & Research Institute (TCDRI) Co. Ltd., is situated in Egypt directly on the Mediterranean Sea. The climate is moist and the day-night temperature difference is big. The nominal capacity of this production line is 5500 t of clinker per day. The production line firing natural gas is a 5-stage precalciner kiln, equipped with a TTF calciner (TCDRI Tri-spouted Furnace).

Severe corrosion occurred on the pole wire, pole plate, shell (Fig. 1) of the kiln back-end electrostatic precipitator (ESP) within one year after...

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